Lake Benton is the perfect place for visitors in Minnesota. Enjoying a show at the Opera House or a meal at a restaurants are just one of the many options in this town.  More >>

lake benton minnesota outdoor ativities
lake benton minnesota fishing & hunting
lake benton minnesota outdoor ativities
to do lake benson Minnesota

Enjoy a Minnesota family vacation by swimming, hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating, hunting and more. You are guaranteed to find something the whole family will enjoy.  More >>

to do lake benson Minnesota

Lake Benton has over 18 miles of shoreline surrounding this large body of water. You will enjoy swimming, boating, and other sports such as water skiing and sailing.  More >>

lake benson Minnesota fishing hunting

Fore! Make sure to bring your golf clubs while staying at Capital Cove Cabin in Lake Benotn. Two golf courses are located within a 20 minute drive of Lake Benton. Both golf courses are 18-hole courses and open to the public, so come on out and have fun!  More >>

Fishing & Hunting


around town lake benson minnesota
lake benton minnesota swimming & boating

• Smores
• Smooking/BBQ
• Snow Shoeing
• Softball
• Star Gazing
• Swimming Pool

At Lake Benton, Minnesota you will never be bored, with numerous activities going on you will get to experience the full weekend get away feeling while having lots of memorable fun. 

lake benson minnesota winter sports

• Run
• Scavenger Hunt
Scuba Diving
Shooting Range
• Sit on the Dock


Things to Do in Lake Benton

Great Minnesota Cross-Country skiing and snow-shoeing areas are located all around Capital Cove Cabin and the Lake Benton area. Minnesota snowmobiling trails and environments can also be found at Hole in the Mountain Park.  More >>

• Toys
Wake Boarding
Watch a Movie
• Watch the Sunset
• Water Gun Fight
Water Skiing
Wind Surfing
• Write Letters
• Writing

• Nerf Guns
Nature Walk
• Nursery
• Obstacle Course
Outdoor Games
Paddle Boat
• Painting
• Party

Pheasant Hunting

• Play at Parks
• Read Books

lake benson Minnesota swimming boating

Around Town

Southern Minnesota is the perfect place to take a fishing or hunting trip with your friends! Lake Benton is full of different species of fish, big and small. You will  also have access to numerous public hunting locations for deer, pheasant, duck, goose and more!  More >>

lake benton minnesota fishing & hunting

Swimming & Boating

Bird Watching
Boce Ball
• Bowling
• Cards
• Coloring
• Cooking
• Crafts

Outdoor Activities

golfing lake benson minnesota

Winter Sports

lake benton minnesota

Horse Shoes
Jet Skiing
• Jump Rope
Knee Boarding
Ladder Ball
• Laying Out
• Nap

Lake Benton Minnesota Outdoor Games
lake benton minnesota golfing

A - Z List of Activities

Lake Benton Minnesota Cabin